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Yoshi's Woolly World Game for Wii U (R1) - USA

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Team up on a grand Yoshi adventure!

Set off with a friend through a woolly world in this grand Yoshi adventure! Kamek, that mischievous magic-maker, has turned the Yoshi clan into wool! Now it’s up to you to explore a treasure trove of clever handicraft stages and unravel their secrets to save your fellow Yoshis.

Yarn, buttons and other materials combine into fantastical stages for two players* to explore as yarn Yoshis. Discover what Yoshi can do by tying enemies in yarn, weaving woolly platforms, or tugging on stray yarn to unravel walls and reveal hidden areas and goodies.

Additional accessories required for multiplayer.

Transform into a motorcycle or even become a giant! Want to give Yoshi a new look? Scan compatible Super Smash Bros. or Super Mario series amiibo figure and watch as Yoshi patterns himself after them. Join forces with friends to seek out all the collectables, some of which unlock other new looks for Yoshi. Then show off your discoveries and newly unlocked stamps on Miiverse!


  • MULTIPLAYER: Reach and explore new areas in 2-player cooperative multiplayer (additional accessories required for multiplayer mode).
  • FLY HIGH: Discover hard to reach heights and secret depths in cooperative multiplayer. Explore each crafty stage to discover new surprises—there’s no time limit.
  • PUZZLES: Unravel puzzles and walls to discover hidden areas and collectables. Collect, cooperate, and get crafty.
  • YARN BALLS: Toss yarn balls to knit together background elements or tie-up enemies. Tangle, pull, and stitch to explore a wild, woolly world.


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